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ARAG’s Objection to the westCONnex ‘New M5’ EIS

ARAG today submitted its objection to the westCONnex ‘New M5’ Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Submissions to the Planning Department in relation to this debacle of a project – $16.812 BILLION of your taxpayer dollars – close today.

ARAG’s PDF submission is enclosed here for you to download here: ARAG Submission – westCONnex M5 EIS.

Here’s hoping that somebody is listening.

If you’re quick, you can still submit your own objection. Feel free to copy / adapt from the information here, or visit A People’s M5 EIS on the embedded link.

Both our site and the site contain links to direct you to the Department of Planning’s submission portal.

M5 EIS objection

Vanessa and I have just submitted our objection to the westCONnex M5 EIS. It is based largely on the NOwestCONnex template but raises additional points.

The enclosed PDF may be of interest to others still preparing their submissions.

20160126 – M5EIS Submission – Speechley – Knight

How WestConnex Noise and Vibration will impact on Alexandria

noise_table_111_treatmentContributed by one of our co-ord group members.

On my reading of the EIS chapters, there are impacts on Alexandria both on the noise and vibration front, but the main impact on us is noise. The EIS generally dismisses vibration as an issue that won’t cause us problems. ( EG See, Vol 2D, App J Page 149 5.5.2 ).

There are a couple of points worth making Continue reading

Save Sydney Park from WestConnex

WestConnex, if it goes ahead, will be devastating for Sydney Park.

To see how to object, click here.


It will take a large chunk out of the south eastern side, for a ‘construction compound’ that will reach almost to the large lake.

It will take off the southern corner, to create a massive intersection between Euston Rd, Campbell Rd and the tunnel ramps. (See the black line on Continue reading

WestConnex Business Case does not add up

WestConnex_cost-savings_mapThe State Government plans to spend $18 billion on WestConnex, an inner city tollway that is to connect the M4 to the M5 via a tunnel. The tunnel will be one of the world’s longest, and most expensive. The $18 billion bill for WestConnex dwarfs spending on other forms of transport infrastructure. Continue reading

No right hand turn into Sydney Park Rd

We’ve had confirmation from WestConnex that they do not plan to allow right hand turns from Euston Road into Sydney Park Road, except for buses. So the diagrams showing two right hand turn lanes are wrong – there will only be one right hand turn lane, and it will be buses only.

How to object to the New M5

To lodge an objection to the WestConnex New M5 , please:

  1. download a copy of westconnex_newm5_objection.doc
  2. add your own comments, if you wish
  3. upload to

Or for other ways to object to the WestConnex M5 EIS, visit:

Submissions close at Midnight!