2023 NSW State Election Heffron Candidate Forum – VOTE for your top 3 issues that matter to you!

A State Election Candidates Forum for the seat of Heffron is being held on Wednesday, 8 February at 7pm at the Alexandria Town Hall by:

  • The Alexandria Residents Action Group (ARAG) and
  • REDWatch

As in past years, we survey residents to determine the key issues that you want to hear about from each of the candidates.  Each candidate will be asked to address the issues within their allotted time.

Click on the survey below or the image and tell us what matters to you.

2023 NSW State Election Candidate Forum – Seat of Heffron Survey

Survey closes 1 February 2023.

South Eveleigh & North Eveleigh Connectivity

You may be aware of our campaigns to ensure barrier-free access to the new southern concourse at Redfern station, and to build a new pedestrian bridge to connect South Eveleigh and North Eveleigh.

We’d love it if you could help by making a submission to those responsible. It won’t take long and we know from experience that individual submissions carry the most weight.

Please copy & paste the text below, modify it as you see fit, or even write your own. The easiest way is to use the contact forms linked here:

David Elliott

Rob Stokes

Dominic Perrotet

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

   The NSW Minister for Transport and Roads, David Elliott
   The NSW Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport, Rob Stokes
   The Premier of NSW, Dominic Perrotet
I am writing to express my concern about two key issues as a resident of Alexandria and urge you to take action immediately:

- Barrier free access at Redfern Station and
- The need for a bridge from South Eveleigh to North Eveleigh.

Barrier-free access at Redfern Station

It is important that barrier-free access is provided across the new Southern Concourse at Redfern Station.  Although we understand that Transport for NSW has indicated that the matter is still being considered if as I believe, this will still require an Opal Card or Credit Card to tap on and off, this presents a barrier to free access for the community.

I urge you to ensure that the Southern Concourse is barrier free.

Building a bridge between South and North Eveleigh

The NSW Government is undertaking several major developments in the area that will impact the whole area and see the increased use of this already busy transit hub.

Two of those proposed developments currently under consideration are rezoning proposals for the Paint Shop sub-precinct in North Eveleigh and the Large Erecting Shed in South Eveleigh.

Neither of these proposals commit to delivering the bridge connection that has been in the Redfern Waterloo Authority’s plans for the precinct since at least 2006.

The community has advocated for a bridge across the railway tracks in their submissions to the Department of Planning and Environment for these two proposals.

This bridge would be a vital connection to bring communities together and for easy access to key facilities such as the University of Sydney campus, Carriageworks and the Gibbons Street bus interchange.

I urge the NSW Government to commit to providing an active transport bridge across the railway tracks using the proceeds of the sale of Australian Technology Park.

This must be delivered as part of the redevelopment of land in North and South Eveleigh, and not delayed indefinitely.