Lord Mayor’s WestConnex Minute

Last Monday, Clover Moore moved a WestConnex Minute by the Lord Mayor. It’s contains an excellent summary of the project, and its problems.
The minute concludes:
It is resolved that Council:
(A) note that, based on the inadequate information currently available about the proposed WestConnex project, the stated objectives of the project – additional freight capacity and urban renewal – will not be achieved;
(B) note that the project as currently configured and funded will have unacceptable impacts on the City of Sydney, including:
(i) massively expanding private vehicle traffic flowing into already congested inner west streets; and
(ii) destroying sections of Sydney Park, an important and much loved regional park;
(C) request that the Lord Mayor write to the Premier and the Minister for Roads informing them that, for the reasons outlined above, Council opposes the WestConnex project in its current form and requests them to:
(i) revisit the configuration of the project in the context of its stated objectives;
(ii) defer any moves to finalise tenders or contracts for the project until standard planning and approvals processes are complete;
(iii) publicly release all relevant information associated with the project including the full business case, all traffic modelling and impact assessments, and the proposed locations of portals and ventilation stacks;
(iv) release information on any further potential road widening, clearways and changes to signalised intersections within the City of Sydney; and
(v) establish an ongoing working group consisting of the WestConnex Delivery Authority and the City of Sydney to share information, resolve identified problems and develop alternative solutions where necessary; and
(D) request the Chief Executive Officer prepare an independent assessment of the impacts of the proposed WestConnex project on the City of Sydney, including traffic modelling and the feasibility of alternatives such as rail freight linking Port Botany and Sydney Airport to the western suburbs.
From an ARAG member:
I attended the Council meeting on Monday night.
Councillors Scott, Doutney & Vithoulkas made great impassioned speeches in support. Kemmis made a strong supportive statement, Mant made detailed supportive comment, Green made short supportive comments, Kok did not speak.
Mandla made a long rambling statement focussing on his accusation that the Mayor’s behaviour embarrassed him at the briefing by WestConnex to Councillors. He believed she attacked the head of WestConnex for which he later made personal apology to WestConnex.
I don’t think he actually addressed most of the issues in the minute.
He did argue against Recommendation D stating the Council’s CEO could not prepare an assessment that was “independent”. He was advised by the Mayor that normal procedure would be that CEO would actually engage an independent consultant to do this type of work.
Forster agreed with Mandla, spoke disdainfully and said it was just nimbyism.
Other Councillors stated they did not see it as an attack.  Vithoulkas went on to congratulate the Mayor on her strong and totally appropriate comments and questions at that meeting with WestConnex.
All Councillors except Mandla & Forster supported the recommendation.