Questions to Mayoral Candidates

Candidates attending the combined resident action group’s Mayoral forum have been asked to share their vision for Sydney, including a response to the following three questions:

Q1. In your opinion, have past development approvals adequately
considered the suburban infrastructure needed to service those
developments? Will the Green Paper’s proposed ‘enterprise zones’ make it
more or less likely that future developments will be adequately
supported by infrastructure?

Q2. Do you believe that Precinct Committees would improve “the flow of
two-way communication between community members and Council staff and
Councillors”? If so, do you think the City of Sydney would be better
served by the North Sydney model (open forums) or the Canada Bay model
(semi-random invitations)?

Q3. Do you support continuing the current policy of denying some
residents access to on-street and on-site parking, based on the age of
their property? Continue reading

Parking – Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Resident Parking Scheme came into effect on 30th July.

The effect was immediate, and dramatic.

However, in what appears to be a loophole in the Parking Plan, a couple of lane-ways including Mitchell Lane and Dibbs Lane remain unrestricted parking.

This has resulted in some residents being parked in and unable to utilise the rear-lane access they have had during the day.

Mark Hannan from the City of Sydney Council is preparing a brief for the August Traffic Management Committee which, if approved, will be submitted to residents for their approval.

Please contact Mark Hannan, Parking Project Manager, with your views – preferably via e-mail – at

Additionally, if you are encountering problems accessing your properties from these lane-ways, call the Council switchboard on (02) 9265 9333 and Council Rangers will be asked to investigate further.

For information on Alexandria Parking, visit Traffic and Parking in Alexandria on the City of Sydney website.

August Meeting – Council Candidates’ Forum – Special Date: 15 August 2012

ARAG, in association with Friends of Erskineville, FLAG Harold Park and Hands Off Glebe , will be hosting a public forum at which a number of Council Candidates, including the Lord Mayor, have agreed to attend.

This Special Meeting will be at:

Wednesday 15th August 2012, commencing at 7 pm
Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden Street, Alexandria.

It is important that you arrive well before 7pm to secure your seat and allow us to start promptly at 7pm.

The following Council Candidates will attend:

  • Clover Moore (Clover Moore Independent Team)
  • Irene Doutney (Greens)
  • Linda Scott (Labor)
  • Edward Mandla (Liberal)
  • Angela Vithoulkas (Living Sydney Independent Team)
  • Denis Doherty (Housing Action)

The meeting will begin with all candidates presenting their vision for Sydney, including development and infrastructure, precinct committees and parking.

Questions from the floor will then be taken.

Please join us to be a part of this important community event.

Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 11th June, ARAG conducted it’s first Annual General Meeting. There were 14 members present to vote, and considering the wet night and State of Origin match, this was an excellent turnout for our first AGM and a valid quorum.

The result of the elections for the Executive Committee is:

 Convenor Ben Aveling
 Co-Convenor Jim Patsouris
Secretary Desley Haas
Treasurer Gary Speechley
Working Groups Vanessa Knight

Additionally, the following members offered their support to assist the committee: Yvonne Cowell, Joy Brooks, Leanne Sedden, Richard Sedden, Eric Jackson.

Additionally, Gary Speechley was elected the Public Officer, the officer responsible for liaison between the Association and NSW Fair Trading.

In addition, the Draft Constitution of the Association was adopted and now appears below as the ARAG Constitution.

ARAG Constitution 2012

It was decided that the results of the election, and adoption of the Constitution would be ratified by the general membership at the July meeting.