Parking – Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Resident Parking Scheme came into effect on 30th July.

The effect was immediate, and dramatic.

However, in what appears to be a loophole in the Parking Plan, a couple of lane-ways including Mitchell Lane and Dibbs Lane remain unrestricted parking.

This has resulted in some residents being parked in and unable to utilise the rear-lane access they have had during the day.

Mark Hannan from the City of Sydney Council is preparing a brief for the August Traffic Management Committee which, if approved, will be submitted to residents for their approval.

Please contact Mark Hannan, Parking Project Manager, with your views – preferably via e-mail – at

Additionally, if you are encountering problems accessing your properties from these lane-ways, call the Council switchboard on (02) 9265 9333 and Council Rangers will be asked to investigate further.

For information on Alexandria Parking, visit Traffic and Parking in Alexandria on the City of Sydney website.

3 thoughts on “Parking – Stage 1

  1. How about the residents without carports who have had all rear access taken away from them – ie lane way parking that wasn’t in the way of other resident driveways or council vehicles. A situation that was working for the past 80 years or so quiet fine. On Henderson road for eg.

  2. This appears to have caused more problems than it has solved. Yes Dibbs lane is now choc-full of cars and the few “all day” parks that were left and being utilised by residents without carports now have restrictions. Ridiculously this includes a section of Jennings st now marked “Motor Bikes Only”. Who is really benefiting here? Not a happy resident. Thanks a bucket ARAG. Kindly find another hobby.

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