About us

Alexandria Residents Action Group (ARAG) is 100 members strong and growing.

Our aims are:

  1. To understand the diverse views and needs of the Alexandria residents and present a united and informed front on issues that impact the community
  2. To initiate community activities that create social, educational and environmental benefits for the Alexandria community
  3. To capture and share the experiences, history and heritage of Alexandria and its community

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each Month (except January) at 7pm at the Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St.

To contact us, please email info@arag.org.au.

For media inquiries, please contact our convenor or co-convenor.

8 responses to “About us

  1. Can you please advise when the next meeting will be held
    Marje Ashworth
    Jennings Street
    January 31

  2. Not sure how this works and whether you got my earlier attempt. I need to know when the next meeting is please.
    Marje Ashworth
    Jennings Street
    January 31

  3. Hello Ben,

    Can you please clarify the date for your next meeting as I have just committed to Vanesssa to speak at your next meeting for Wed 13 Mar’13.

    Kind regards,
    Jessica Chan | Community Engagement, Media & Operations Officer
    NSW State Emergency Service | City of Sydney

  4. Hello Ben, I work on Wednesday nights but really would like to know how we can stop this crazy road plan. I live on Euston Road and am very upset.

    • Hi, there’s a couple of things to be done. We need to set up a working group, and we’d be glad to have you involved in that if you will. And we need to spread the word. People talking to their friends and neighbours is incredibly powerful. We can help each other to letterbox, and put material on telegraph poles, and on social media. Posters in front yards and windows and shop windows are also powerful because people who see their neighbours taking a stand are more likely to take a stand. The end objective is to persuade the government. It helps that the plan is so clearly bad, but that isn’t enough. Ultimately, the government needs to be persuaded that this isn’t what people want.

  5. I would be very interested in getting involved. Let me know what I can do to start planning.

  6. Hi Guys – wondering if you have heard about the Rally to Save our trees? Valentine’s Day 10:30am Darley and Alison Roads Randwick.

    Its in response to the 800 trees being cut down for the light rail, but the issue affects us all.

    We are looking to invite people from all over Sydney, and we’d love to invite you guys to join us – also if anyone could spare a couple of hours one night to join our doorknocking volunteer campaign – just let me know!



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