Questions to Mayoral Candidates

Candidates attending the combined resident action group’s Mayoral forum have been asked to share their vision for Sydney, including a response to the following three questions:

Q1. In your opinion, have past development approvals adequately
considered the suburban infrastructure needed to service those
developments? Will the Green Paper’s proposed ‘enterprise zones’ make it
more or less likely that future developments will be adequately
supported by infrastructure?

Q2. Do you believe that Precinct Committees would improve “the flow of
two-way communication between community members and Council staff and
Councillors”? If so, do you think the City of Sydney would be better
served by the North Sydney model (open forums) or the Canada Bay model
(semi-random invitations)?

Q3. Do you support continuing the current policy of denying some
residents access to on-street and on-site parking, based on the age of
their property?

For reference:
– “New Planning System for NSW” Green Paper’:
– North Sydney Precinct Committee model of “open forums which anyone
can attend and consult “
– Canada Bay Precinct Committee model, where “1500 randomly selected
sample of Canada Bay residents [were] sent invitations, about 300
responded, with the final group selected to reflect the community’s age
and gender profile.”

– Combined Residents Grouping – Letter to the Lord Mayor and Council:

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