Mass demonstration at Sydney Park

A message from WestCONnex Action Group:

Today WestConnex contractors began destroying large numbers of trees in Sydney Park on the corner of Euston and Campbell Roads.

This is an urgent appeal to WestConnex Action Group members and supporters to join a mass demonstration at the Sydney Park Camp tomorrow morning from 6am to take a stand against the clear felling of large swathes of trees and the demolition of scores of homes in St Peters at Sydney Park and surrounds.

Your support so far during this campaign has been great and is appreciated. The Sydney Park protest camp has been in operation for 116 days now and this has been a huge community effort. We now need you tomorrow and throughout this week to stand up again against WestConnex.

Despite all the evidence showing that the plans by WestConnex for the St Peters Interchange and the New M5 will be a disaster, just like the M4 East has been, Duncan Gay and the Baird government have not listened.

Their road building frenzy knows no limits – more than 800 significant trees in and around the Inner West’s largest green space, Sydney Park, will be felled in the next few weeks as works begin to widen Euston and Campbell Roads to 7 and 8 lane highways.

Premier Baird and Roads Minister Duncan Gay definitely don’t have a social license for this project. We know tens of thousands of people all around Sydney do not support this wasteful road building which will feed the corporate tollroad companies for decades to come.

Join us tomorrow morning at 6am or as early as you can at the Sydney Park Camp on the corner of Euston and Campbell Roads to stand against Baird’s vandalism.

We know there’s a better way of doing transport in this city and we are prepared to fight WestConnex for as long as it takes to stop this dirty tollroad destroying our communities.

We need everyone to stand up and say NO tomorrow morning


THURSDAY Jan 12 from 6AM (if you can’t make it at 6, please come down as early as you can)

Corner of Euston and Campbell Roads St Peters (entry via Campbell Road – walk or drive down Campbell Road from the Princes Highway)
WestCONnex Action Group

Trees Euston Rd - Total area - red to go.JPG

New threat to Sydney Park


If WestConnex were not enough, there is a proposal to build a six storey,  400+ apartment building in the middle of Sydney Park.

The proposed new development will replace what is currently a low rise warehouse/office building that is tucked behind a row of trees next to the lakes.

The full details are yet to be released, but we do know that the new buildings will be considerably taller than the surrounding trees and will be hard up against the boundaries with Sydney Park.

There is even a suggestion that the new complex will be called Sydney Park.

Formal objections have closed, but we are told that if an objection is received by the end of this week, it will still be considered.

We have prepared a suggested template that you might like to use as the starting point for your own objection – we strongly encourage you explain in your own words why this development matters to – it just carries more weight if you use your own words and talk about the things that matter to you.

Objections should be sent to ASAP, but definitely by 16/9.