Time to lodge your objection to Alexandria Hotel DA

Things you need to know about the new DA for the Alexandria Hotel:

  • Floor-to-space ratio massively exceeds Council’s clearly-stated limit of 2.5:1;

  • Building height massively exceeds Council’s clearly-stated height limit;

  • Building size and bulk, and overshadowing of the heritage-listed Alexandria Hotel;

  • Lack of an approved plan to build over the Redfern-Erskineville rail tunnel;

  • Lack of approval to access property belonging to the Australian Technology Park;

  • Lack of off-street resident parking, and

  • Lack of clear waste-management processes.

For more information, visit savethealexpub.tumblr.com.

To object:

To lodge an objection to a Development Application (also known as a DA), you need to Continue reading


Alexandria Residents Action Group condemns yesterday’s approval of the New M5.

The New M5 will be a financial disaster for the NSW budget, and for motorists who currently use the M4 and the M5 for free.

The project will not reduce overall congestion.

Ministers Stokes and Gay are misrepresenting the New M5 EIS. Continue reading

Is Duncan Gay a Time Lord?

Duncan Gay has said that WestConnex is a “magic tunnel“. It appears it’s also a time machine.

According to westconnex.com.au, using WestConnex to travel the 12k from Homebush Bay Drive to Parramatta Road, Camperdown, will take 15 minutes.


Obviously, that can only be true if WestConnex does manage to ‘cure’ congestion. But let’s suspend disbelief for a moment, while we travel another 3k along Duncan’s Magic Tunnel, beyond Camperdown, to the St Peters Interchange.

Now how long is the total journey?


That’s right, 12 minutes. We’ve travelled 3k in WestConnex, and we’ve gone backwards in time by 3 minutes.

It’s not just a Magic Tunnel, it’s a Time Machine.

This has been said before, but WestConnex does not add up, does not add up, does not add up.

The M4-M5 tunnel is supposed to cure congestion, and it’s supposed to carry 120,000 cars a day. Unless it truly is a Magic Tunnel, it can’t do both of those things.

WestConnex is going to cost $16.8B, or more.

It’s time the traffic modelling was released. And it’s time WestConnex was audited.

Alexandria Residents Action Group Responds to the Response to New M5 EIS Submissions.

The Response to Submissions on the New M5 EIS has been released.

It is a mix of unjustified assertions, claims that are reversed in some other section, misleading statements, and statements and calculations that are outright wrong. Many objections to the M5 are not treated seriously, or are acknowledged but not discussed, or are not even acknowledged.

There are however two important admissions made Continue reading

Slides from tonight’s meeting: Alex Hotel, WestConnex, ATP, Sydney Metro and more

Slides from tonight’s meeting are here: ARAG Meeting – 20160413

To email your local MP about WestConnex, visit http://www.westconnexactiongroup.org.au/federalmp

To object to the Alexandria Hotel DA, visit https://www.planningalerts.org.au/applications/643228 or https://online.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/DA/IndividualApplication?tpklapappl=124639. See also savethealexpub.tumblr.com.

Sample of an Objection to 9 Mitchell Rd here: Objection D 2016 329 – 9 Mitchell Road web version





April agenda: Alex Hotel, WestConnex, ATP, and the Sydney Metro

Come to this month’s ARAG meeting at Wednesday 13th,  7pm, Alexandria Town Hall, for updates on:

  • Sydney Metro – it’s not just a train station
  • Updates on developments:
    • Joshua Building – McEvoy Street
    • 9 Mitchell Road (former Sydney City Mission)
    • Alexandria Hotel – this time it’s a 7 storey tower that’s being proposed
    • Studio 301
  • WestConnex – Planning Department’s response to community submissions – what it means for us (hint: nothing good)
  • Australian Technology Park – what happening?