Is Duncan Gay a Time Lord?

Duncan Gay has said that WestConnex is a “magic tunnel“. It appears it’s also a time machine.

According to, using WestConnex to travel the 12k from Homebush Bay Drive to Parramatta Road, Camperdown, will take 15 minutes.


Obviously, that can only be true if WestConnex does manage to ‘cure’ congestion. But let’s suspend disbelief for a moment, while we travel another 3k along Duncan’s Magic Tunnel, beyond Camperdown, to the St Peters Interchange.

Now how long is the total journey?


That’s right, 12 minutes. We’ve travelled 3k in WestConnex, and we’ve gone backwards in time by 3 minutes.

It’s not just a Magic Tunnel, it’s a Time Machine.

This has been said before, but WestConnex does not add up, does not add up, does not add up.

The M4-M5 tunnel is supposed to cure congestion, and it’s supposed to carry 120,000 cars a day. Unless it truly is a Magic Tunnel, it can’t do both of those things.

WestConnex is going to cost $16.8B, or more.

It’s time the traffic modelling was released. And it’s time WestConnex was audited.

3 responses to “Is Duncan Gay a Time Lord?

  1. In 2014 Victorian Libs tried same magical time/travel savings trick with East West Link.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

  2. no longer shows the ‘time savings’. Duncan’s magic tunnel has been shut down.

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