M5 EIS objection

Vanessa and I have just submitted our objection to the westCONnex M5 EIS. It is based largely on the NOwestCONnex template but raises additional points.

The enclosed PDF may be of interest to others still preparing their submissions.

20160126 – M5EIS Submission – Speechley – Knight

4 thoughts on “M5 EIS objection

  1. Just a wonder….

    I gave my daughter  a copy of your newsletters and she said – why is Getup not involved

    I was wondering what the answer to that was?

    kind regards

    Maggie Aitken

    • Hi Maggie,

      There have been discussions with GetUp. They’re potentially interested in supporting the call for the whole WestConnex to be audited, if we can demonstrate that enough people are likely to be interested. There’s a petition at https://www.communityrun.org/petitions/audit-westconnex-1 . For now, ARAG is focusing on responding to the EIS. But once that’s done, we’ll throw our weight behind the petition.

      Regards, Ben

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