ARAG’s Objection to the westCONnex ‘New M5’ EIS

ARAG today submitted its objection to the westCONnex ‘New M5’ Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Submissions to the Planning Department in relation to this debacle of a project – $16.812 BILLION of your taxpayer dollars – close today.

ARAG’s PDF submission is enclosed here for you to download here: ARAG Submission – westCONnex M5 EIS.

Here’s hoping that somebody is listening.

If you’re quick, you can still submit your own objection. Feel free to copy / adapt from the information here, or visit A People’s M5 EIS on the embedded link.

Both our site and the site contain links to direct you to the Department of Planning’s submission portal.

1 thought on “ARAG’s Objection to the westCONnex ‘New M5’ EIS

  1. Thanks to Vanessa and Ben and others for an excellent submission. I live in Bathurst but own a property in Mandible St. Attached is my own submission

    regards Chris O’Rourke

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