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Sydney Metro – not what it should have been

Cities all over the world are converting from single deck trains to double deck trains. Why then, is Sydney going in the other direction?

Why are the Metro tunnels going to be just too small for conventional trains? Why is the Bankstown line being downgraded from double deck to single deck?

EcoTransit, the public transport advocacy group, aren’t impressed.


Submissions on the Metro close on 27 June – see our previous post on this topic.

EcoTransit have released a flyer and a pro-forma submission with more information which you may wish to draw if you are considering preparing your own submission.


A resident’s submission on the Sydney Metro

As you probably know by now, the State Government has announced that the ‘Sydney Metro’ will have a station at Waterloo, immediately south-east of the intersection between Botany Road and Raglan Street.

The first Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project has been released, and is available here. Continue reading

Slides from tonight’s meeting: Alex Hotel, WestConnex, ATP, Sydney Metro and more

Slides from tonight’s meeting are here: ARAG Meeting – 20160413

To email your local MP about WestConnex, visit

To object to the Alexandria Hotel DA, visit or See also

Sample of an Objection to 9 Mitchell Rd here: Objection D 2016 329 – 9 Mitchell Road web version