Agenda for August Meeting

The August meeting will be:

Thursday the 10th, 7 PM
Cliff Noble Community Center,
corner of Suttor St and Renwick St.

On the Agenda:

  • the Potential Sale of the Gerard Street Council Depot
  • the Australian Technology Park – our heritage and history at risk
  • some relief for Euston Road Residents
  • an update on the Alexandria Hotel
  • our AGM

Hope to see you there.

PS: Convenors’ Annual Report here

2 responses to “Agenda for August Meeting


    How was this allowed to happen? Clover complains about Sydney Park edges being chopped by Westconnex but then happy to see overdevelopment on what could have been an expanded Sydney Park.

  2. At a guess: the approval is for the ‘concept’, not for anything detailed, yet.
    As for why council didn’t buy the land when it was on the market, just guessing, but I suspect that they didn’t notice. There’s a lot happening. It wasn’t something that we were chasing them about, and I guess no-one else did either.

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