Agenda for August Meeting

The August meeting will be:

Thursday the 10th, 7 PM
Cliff Noble Community Center,
corner of Suttor St and Renwick St.

On the Agenda:

  • the Potential Sale of the Gerard Street Council Depot
  • the Australian Technology Park – our heritage and history at risk
  • some relief for Euston Road Residents
  • an update on the Alexandria Hotel
  • our AGM

Hope to see you there.

PS: Convenors’ Annual Report here

2 thoughts on “Agenda for August Meeting

  1. At a guess: the approval is for the ‘concept’, not for anything detailed, yet.
    As for why council didn’t buy the land when it was on the market, just guessing, but I suspect that they didn’t notice. There’s a lot happening. It wasn’t something that we were chasing them about, and I guess no-one else did either.

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