ARAG meeting, 8 August

Our next meeting will be

  • 7pm, Wednesday, 8 August
  • Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St, Alexandria

We will be discussing:

  • Tanya Plibersek’s WestConnex meeting:
  • The Metro Quarter and the shadows to fall on Alexandria:
  • Ashmore Estate:
    • DA amendment to increase height limits
    • Pile driving impacts on our suburb and our house

5 thoughts on “ARAG meeting, 8 August

  1. Dear Ben,
    We have received a reply from Mark Coure, parliamentary secretary for transport and infrastructure on the UDLP in Euston Road. He says he has been advised by RMS that no more trees can be planted in Euston Road. That is cut down 63 replace 5.
    Can we raise this at ARAG on Wednesday night? We all need a better solution.
    Patrick & Lorraine McNamara

  2. absurdly over the top again. what happens to us left behind. Noel jeffs

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  3. a message for Ben Aveling. When is the next ALP meeting at the Camelia Grove hotel? Jamie the publican said he would look out for me as well. regards Noel Jeffs

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