WestConnex snap rally – 12:30 tomorrow (Tuesday)

This just in from Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Every word is true.

This is shocking. Despite the massive community response against Stage 3 of WestConnex, including a phenomenal 13,000 submissions in opposition, the NSW Liberal Government just rubberstamped it.

In protest, a snap rally is being organised at 12.30pm tomorrow outside the NSW Parliament – will you join our community and stand up against this appalling decision?

WestConnex will be a disaster for Sydney – it’s set to increase traffic congestion, make air pollution worse, lock in escalating tolls and create a black hole in our budget. It’s the very opposite of State and City policy to reduce the number of cars coming into our congested city streets.

The fact that they slipped out the press release on a Friday afternoon at the end of the school holidays, just after Anzac Day shows they know this is unpopular, they know the community is dead against it, and they desperately want to avoid scrutiny and responsibility.

Event Details:

What: WestConnex Snap Rally protesting the approval of Stage 3

Where: Outside NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street

When: 12.30pm

Despite the Government’s continued efforts to steamroll community opposition to this project, our community is standing stronger than ever – and I encourage you to stand with the community tomorrow at Parliament House. Please let us know if you can make it by RSVPing to the rally here: https://www.facebook.com/events/441503756280606/

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