Notes from Thursday’s meeting

A2MP, the so-called Alexandria to Moore Park ‘Connectivity Upgrade’ (Euston Road/McEvoy Street widening) is continuing, even though no modelling has been released: Screenshot from 2017-06-10 10-25-48.png

There will be two ‘drop in’ sessions where you can put your questions to to RMS:

  • Terrace Room, All Sorts Function Centre,
    184 Bourke Road, Alexandria.
    – Saturday 17 June, 10am to 12pm
    – Thursday 22 June, 6pm to 8pm

Councillor Jess Miller told us that Council have rejected the plan for 163-173 Euston Road. euston.163-173.pngWe’re now waiting to see if the developer comes back with something more modest, or if they go to the Land and Environment Court.

act4alexandria We have launched a new community campaign to get the Alexandria we want. It is crucial that at this point in time we make our voices heard. For more information, please visit:

Last, but not least, we discussed a proposal from one of our residents – to make Euston Lane, Lawrence Lane and Belmont Lane one way, alternating in direction.one_way_lanes.png

Slide pack here: ARAG Meeting 201706 – Wide

3 thoughts on “Notes from Thursday’s meeting

  1. Hard to assess these one way traffic plans. What are the interests and issues that would help us determine ? what are the generally accepted and/or expertly determined criteria used to evaluate such plans ? I could give my personal view (and it would be opposed to any through traffic on euston lane) but like all such views, it’s too personal to be very helpful.

  2. It was also mentioned at the meeting that in early June 2017 a Petition was signed by 96% of residents (who were at home to participate) on Belmont Street and Mitchell Road whose residences back on to Belmont Lane – for the Council to install speed humps along the length of Belmont Lane from Fountain to Huntley Streets. The current speed limit on Belmont Lane is 50kph. Vehicles use it as a rat-run to avoid congestion on Mitchell Road and Belmont Lane becomes a defacto speedway endangering resident and driver safety. It’s likely this pattern will considerably worsen as WestConnex as well as the Ashmore Estate development on Mitchell Road have impact. This proposal could be generalised to Lawrence and Euston Lanes as well.

  3. I hope the one way lanes proposal never gets legs. It is ill thought out at best. How does it fit with the proposed Ashmore intersection changes at Harley/mitchell roads that will disable the straight ahead option from Harley Street to ashmore? For those on the cul de sac streets it just creates more obstacles to accessing your own property especially when coming from Erskineville and will push more local traffic onto Lawrence st. I wouldn’t be impressed to have to go south as far as Maddox st (in peak Mitchell rd traffic) only to have to come almost all the way back up Lawrence lane almost all the way to Harley Street to access my parking space. We are already going to be cut off and landlocked (and gridlocked!) with westCONnex and Ashmore – the last thing I want is to be forced into it even more to get to my parking!

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