Live near Alex Park School? Design your new neighbour.

The Department of Education has contacted ARAG. They want your input into their plans for the redevelopment of what is currently the Alexandria Park Community School Senior Campus, on Mitchell Road.


In order to create space for a new inner city school, the existing Intensive English School on Cleveland St is moving to Alexandria. They will move to what is currently the Senior Campus of Alexandria Park Community School , on Mitchell Road. The Senior Campus and the Junior Campus will be combined on the current site of the Junior Campus, beside Alexandria Park.

The Junior Campus will be replaced with new, larger, higher buildings, capable of holding the combined school, with an extra 1,200 for new residents of the area, including Green Square.


The department is looking to consult with residents (whether or not they are parents) about the redesign of the Senior Campus.

So far, we know that they plan to keep the older parts of the building, which date to approximately 1900, and to demolish the 1970 extensions and rebuild on more or less the same footprint.

They want our input into that. They are ready to have their architects show us what they are planning.

They also want to find ways to open up the school for the community to use, and they would like our input into ways that can be done.

If you would like to be involved, or just to find out more, please contact us at

At this stage, the redesign of the Junior Campus is still a little way off.

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