Last chance to object to ATP (over)development.

Submissions on the Mirvac proposal to build two enormous buildings at the ATP close on Monday the 29th.

You can lodge an objection at the Major Projects website. Objections don’t have to be long. You can write as much or as little as you like. You can write directly in the form provided, or you can upload a pdf, if you have the necessary software to create a pdf.

Alternately, Jenny Leong has a page through which you can quickly and easily make a submissions. She also has some suggestions on what you might like to put in your objection.

ARAG is working on a submission. The current draft is here.

We’ve also had a sample objection contributed by a resident that you may wish to consult.

We urge you to submit an objection as this will impact many of us in Alexandria.

For more information, see our (draft) objection and see our previous post on this topic.


2 thoughts on “Last chance to object to ATP (over)development.

  1. My own personal submission as follows: “I object to the proposal. It runs counter to the objectives of the State Plan, and to good sense. At a time when we should be moving jobs closer to people, this proposal does the opposite. It takes jobs from Western Sydney, where they are needed, and it moves them into a part of Sydney which already struggling with the load of residents and commuters that it is expected to carry. There is a sense that anywhere close to station has good transport links. This is wrong. Many stations, and Redfern is no exception, are over capacity, and with little expectation of an upgrade in the near future. Waterloo Station will not help – it will only carry traffic from a single line, and it will not open soon. We need to develop Western Sydney, and this proposal does the opposite.”

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