August meeting notes

As discussed at our last meeting:

Central to Eveleigh Feedback

The meeting collected comments on Central to Eveleigh redevelopment proposals. These will be submitted to Urban Growth along with feedback from Vanessa Knight and Gary Speechly who attended an information session in June.

Please send any additional comments to

Extra votes for business owners

ARAG has sent a letter to the premier in objection to legislation proposed by Shooters and Fishers Party that seeks to give more votes to people who own businesses than to other people.  (If you wish to send your own objection, we have uploaded a template for a draft objection letter that may be posted or submitted online.)

BPN Planning for People Charter

ARAG is now a signatory to the BPN Planning for People Charter.

See also the explanatory note.

Alexandria Scouts

There will be a public meeting in support of reopening Alexandria Scout Hall at:

3-4pm, Saturday 23 August
Australian Technology Park, Bay 8, Room 6b.

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