100,000 extra cars? Community meeting.

WestConnex are planning to extend the M5 to Sydney Park, next to the border between St Peters and Alexandria. The new 6 lane tollway could put 100,000+ extra cars into our streets every day – as if they weren’t already close to gridlocked much of the time.

Alexandria Residents group will be discussing how we can respond as a community , at:

  • Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St
  • 7:00pm, Wednesday the 12th of November

Everyone with an interest in preserving the suburbs we live in is invited to attend.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mehreen Faruqi, Greens Transport spokesperson
  • Matthew Hounsell, EcoTransit Co-Convenor

Hope to see you there. Please help spread the word.

6 thoughts on “100,000 extra cars? Community meeting.

  1. I just bought a house on Campbell rd this year and can’t believe this is happening. How can Sydney city council not do more to stop this after spending so much on upgrading Sydney park. It counteracts being green and Eco to put a 6 lane interchange on the door stop of such a beautiful park. We have to fight this as a community.

  2. Hi Ben,

    We’re unable to get there tonight, despite our best intentions. We live in Belmont St and are very concerned about the WestConnex issue. Please keep us posted on this and we’ll try to get along to the next meeting, but count us in to whatever community response is devised this evening. all best wishes,

    Sue Smith and Andrew Kelly

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