Meeting Wednesday – traffic and ticket parking

The agenda for this month’s meeting is:

Update from the City of Sydney on:
– the Alexandria Traffic Study, and
– Ticket Parking in Alexandria.

The meeting will be held at the usual time and place of 7pm, Wednesday 13 November, Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St, Alexandria.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Wednesday – traffic and ticket parking

  1. Are you including a speaker about why #carshare and how uber saved me money and eased the hassle of parking. The focus only on car-parking as this a hierarhical right of citizenship is problematic. In fact it is an entitlement of the prosperous. Each public car space has a value of $100,000 and I personally think it should be garden/ green space. Parking in the city should be paid for as a garage is – $100,000 mortgage for a garage is about $3500 in interest payments a year so that should be price for a parking permit and “right to park” near home. #Discuss!!!!

    • Unfortunately not having a garage or on site parking space is not the residents fault. When our plans for renovations to our home was put to Sydney council our plans included bring the back of our house in to allow enough room to park a car in the back from the lane. This was rejected by council as it did not allow enough green space On the block. Our home is a small terrace on 110sqm block. So as you can see it is not always the residents choice not to have on site parking. Uber and car share is also not a realistic option for residents with young families who need car seats for their children.

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