A great turnout at our June meeting

At our June meeting, Sydney City Council came to speak to us on two very important issues:

  • Mitigating the increased traffic from WestConnex
  • Parking, including a proposed trial of meter parking.

The meeting was very well attended, which shows the importance to the community of those issues.

As promised, here are the relevant links:

Neighbourhood parking policy:

Have your say on Ticket Parking:

The Traffic Study for WestConnex:

Contact for NSW Transport & Roads Minister, Andrew Constance:

Contact for Roads and Maritime Services:


2 responses to “A great turnout at our June meeting

  1. Hey ARAG.

    Does anyone know what’s happening with The Alexandria Hotel?

    Its been nearly 3 tears and a DA has not even been lodged… what are they waiting for?

  2. We are in semi regular contact with Merivale, and they have been telling us they are working a power supply issue at the site. However it has been a very long time, and understandably patience is wearing very thin!

    Rest assured, we will post info here once there is something concrete to report!

    I would suggest you contact them directly:

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