McEvoy/Euston Road Carnage

Can you imagine an extra 63,000 cars per day on McEvoy Street/Euston Road?

ARAG has invited a medical expert to describe the impact, and to answer residents’ questions:

  • 7pm, Wednesday 8 March
  • Alexandria Town Hall, Garden St

Come to the next ARAG community meeting, and keep informed.

5 thoughts on “McEvoy/Euston Road Carnage

  1. Hello Ben
    Looking foward to Wednesday night’s meeting. Have you ever managed to get Ron Hoenig along to an ARAG meeting? For 18 months I’ve been trying to set up a face to face meeting with him, so I could chat about the disaster that is WestCONnex, along with various other things that are affecting Sydney and Heffron area and he’s pretty much ignored most of my communication. I think his lack of fight on Westconnex is appalling and at some point he has to be held accountable for that as Euston Road and McEvoy Street is in HIS electorate and WE voted him in. Enough is enough, he has to ‘man up’, face his constituents and explain to us all why Labor have been an absolute joke when it comes to voicing any sort of real objection to WestCONnex. Thanks Ben.

    • Yes, the town hall has a lift. If you can manage a few steps, then come in the front door, and go to the back of the hall, past the main flight of steps, and you’ll find the lift.

      If you can’t manage any steps, then there is a site entrance that we can open.

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