The Alex has been SAVED!!!

In astonishing news released today, it has been announced that plans to re-develop the Alexandria Hotel site have been scrapped.

The developers have walked away – tails between their legs – after selling the site to the Merivale group who plan to renovate the Alex and re-open it as a pub.

This is an ASTOUNDING victory for the residents of Alexandria who rallied, repeatedly, to save the Alex. The drive of people such as Ben and Michelle and countless other Alexandria residents shows that communities can achieve strong outcomes.

The drive and persistence shown by all has been memorable.

It could have been too easy to lie down after the first development proposal was rejected, and say “job done”. But developers are persistent beasts.

To rally again to reject the seven-storey proposal provided proof that Alexandrians are prepared to fight, HARD, for what they believe in.

The Alexandria Residents’ Action Group congratulates you all for your success today.

It’s an Alexandria “Castle” moment – and we hope one of many more to come.

Developers were clearly shown how the “vibe” of Alexandria works!

The community has had success in changing development outcomes, including the changed design of the Mitchell Road Auction Centre site, but winning against a consortium of Property Unit Trust investors to save the Alex is huge.

Merivale have created a website where we, as residents, are invited to contribute ideas and energy to the renovation of the Alex. Sign up here to get involved.

The Merivale press release document is here: Merivale saves The Alex.

The Alexandria Residents’ Action Group also would like to thank the staff of the City of Sydney who were able to secure an interim Heritage Order on the Alex and who engaged a legal team to include us, the residents, at the Land and Environment Court.

The fact that the legal team engaged us as residents and worked with us to have our objections and ideas reformulated to maximise our impact before the L&E Court is greatly appreciated, but also recognises that objections from communities like ours cannot be merely brushed aside as if coming from an anti-development ratbag fringe.

In other news, the pop-up kitchens that were announced last week have been dropped.

3 thoughts on “The Alex has been SAVED!!!

  1. Terrific result! Thank you to all “movers and shakers” who fought so hard and co-ordinated the action plan. A great outcome for our community and for our heritage.

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