Last Chance to See (the ATP)

Assuming Mirvac’s proposal for the redevelopment of the ATP goes ahead, it will present some unique challenges for the State Government. Local roads are congested – and this will be made worse by other new developments, and worse still if WestConnex is allowed to proceed. The trains that service Redfern are at capacity, as is Redfern Station. If even half of the planned 10,000 CBA employees use Redfern station between 6am and 9:30am, this will be a 50% increase in people using the station. And this is before considering all the other developments happening in the area.

There will be other losses as well. Some of the finest views in the Tech Park will be lost behind the new buildings.

Mirvac’s Environmental Impact Statement includes a “a selection of viewpoints”, intended to show that “the proposed buildings do not significantly impede any iconic views or outlooks within the locality.” However, the viewpoints selected for the EIS are highly misleading:

  1. a view of the Channel 7 building, looking north-westview_nw
  2. a view of the Channel 7 building, looking westview_w
  3. a view of the Channel 7 building, looking east view_e

Including only these three views, and claiming that they are representative of what will be lost, is insulting. It shows contempt for the process, for residents, for the heritage of the site, and for the Department of Planning who are supposed to be able to rely on these documents when making an assessment of the merits of the Development Application.

A more representative selection of views should have included views of, at the least, the Locomotive Workshop. For example:

  1. a view of the Locomotive Workshop, looking north-west view_nw_2
  2. a  view of the Locomotive Workshop, looking north view_n.2
  3. a view of the Locomotive Workshop, looking north-east view_ne

All of these views will be lost, behind this: building1_montage.

We encourage anyone with an interest in heritage or in photography to pay a visit to the Australian Technology Park, before it’s too late.

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