Trouble with Private Certification

A new apartment building, JOSHUA, at 33-49 Euston Road, Alexandria, appears to have been built in contravention of the Development Approval of the City of Sydney.

As a result, the City has referred the Private Certifier to the Building Professionals Board, and is considering further action, including issuing a Notice of Intention to demolish and to rebuild the building in accordance with the conditions of the consent.

This is important – a timely compliance reminder to developers, at a time when so much development is scheduled for our area.

We’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Trouble with Private Certification

  1. Hi there
    I’ve just moved into this apartment last week and just come across this article and now quite worried.
    Is there somewhere I can find out more info and keep track of the progress? Also, what was it that was not meeting the consent conditions?
    Jules Chen

    • Hi Jules,

      Probably the best bet is to call council and ask to talk to someone in the planning department.

      The big non compliant issues, as I understand it, are that the building is too big – it was supposed to be stepped back at the top and its wasn’t, which creates privacy and other issues. There are some issues with the windows and the balconies which, I don’t know, but I suspect that they are relatively easy to fix. And there is a problem with the driveway to the carpark – not completely sure what, but that seems to me to be something that’s going to be practically impossible to do much with, I assume.

      Regards, Ben

  2. The driveway is too steep and should not have been built like this. The top level of the building on the Euston Lane side should have been stepped back, and it was not. There are a number of other issues as well.
    I would suggest you contact the Council – Mr M Cruickshank, 9265 9127. He is the Area Manager – Health and Building

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