Proposed NSW Planning Laws – be afraid, very, very afraid!!!

The White Paper for the proposed changes to NSW planning legislation has been released.

After consulting independently some time ago, the NSW government ignored recommendations within that original report and produced their own “Green Paper”.

Following the Green Paper, the “White Paper” now has been released for public comment.

And although the document is open for comment until 28th June, the legislation already has beed drafted. So much for consultation!!!

Everything in this White Paper emphasises “economic” aspects of the proposed plan. Environment, heritage and social aspects are either non-existent, or very much regarded as third-order priorities.

And once initial public consultation is over (if you don’t get involved, you’ll regret it), no further public consultation or engagement occurs. Within 5 years, the NSW government expects that 80% of all development applications will be regarded as “compliant” and so no further consideration or discussion will be held – decisions will be taken away from Councils, and the community.

Multi-storey developments may be planned on your street and you won’t know until building starts!!
If a developer wishes to change a zoning, they will have up to four separate opportunities to apply and appeal, at different levels of the planning process. Finally, a developer can apply to the Minister for approval. During all these stages, you, as residents, have no right of appeal, review or comment. 
Residents need to be concerned, need to be informed, and need to be involved. Take action NOW to have your view heard.
Tell your friends and family – this will affect them too. This has state-wide implications – not just inner-city areas such as Alexandria.
The Better Planning Network has prepared an assessment of the proposals, and a guide to help you frame your objections to the NSW government.

The BPN Facebook link is here at BPN Facebook

Gadens Solicitors also have made a review document available. Read it here: Gadens – The cards are on the table – Gadens’ Analysis – 30Apr13

The Better Planning Network is an affiliation of some 380 community groups across NSW, and is a great source of information. Please visit to inform yourselves.

The NSW Planning Department website is at Take time to read and inform yourselves of the content of this document. It WILL affect you, and potentially, quite adversely.

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