Minutes of the ARAG Meeting of 14.3.2012

Minutes of the Meeting of A.R.A.G as held at Alexandria Town Hall, 14.3.2012

Approximately 25 to 28 people in attendance.


  1. Presentation of City of Villages Workshops by City of Sydney Staff.
  2.  Wish List for Alexandria
  3. Community Workshop – Parking – 31.3.2012
  4.  Lift Redfern
  5.  Ashmore and the LEP
  6.  General Business

Spokesperson for the meeting, Vanessa Knight opened the meeting at 7:10pm.

1. Presentation of City of Villages Workshops by City of Sydney Staff

Kate Reid and Anne Roach informed the meeting about the City of Villages Plan and 2030 in your village. They are aware that we are concerned about parking and over-development; their authority is limited to small community building projects and events.

2. Wish List for Alexandria

Suggestions raised at the meeting included: parking policy,transport plan issues with buses and trains, community noticeboards, pedestrian access and signage, issues with Dibbs St Park beautification, local economy and shops, community building, Belmont St and Lawrence St heritage, rat-runs and through-ways, a library-book pick-up, a local bus service, public seating, leaky bus shelter, the regularity of the 308 bus, the particular parking challenges faced by families with babies and the frail, a visitor parking scheme, open space requirements in developments and greenery in new new developments and laneways, the adequacy of bike paths, especially the one in Buckland St, footpath repairs in Renwick, Alexander, and Belmont Streets, train services to Erskineville and the lack of cover there for commuters.

They are collecting ideas till April. Any information by an individual can be made directly to Kate Reid and Anne Roach or by emailing info@arag.com.au.

3. Community Workshop – Parking – 31.3.2012

There is to be a community workshop on parking and parking policy. ARAG has asked for an agenda, so far unsuccessfully. ARAG have asked for an independent chair and offered to provide questions on notice, particularly a request for an explanation of the methodology used to interpret parking surveys – specifically, what defines a ‘majority’.
Suggested questions can be emailed to info@arag.com.au.

4. Lift Redfern

Laura discussed Lift Redfern – the campaign for lifts at Redfern station – and the associated Petition which is underway and which will be officially launched on Monday the 19/3. The aim is for 10,000 signatures which will mean a debate in Parliament. There is a website, facebook page, and a twitter account – see http://www.facebook.com/LiftRedfern.

5. Ashmore and the LEP

The State Government has agreed with Council’s proposal that Ashmore should be 9 stories high.
The Council have passed the draft LEP (Local Environment Plan) that allows Floor Space Ratios (FSRs) to of 1.25:1, an increase of over 25% on the current limit. In addition, council have largely removed the requirement for soft (landscaped) surfaces, allowing whole blocks to be built on despite concerns about runoff and increased flood risk. (Clover Moore Independent Party and Liberals voted for the LEP, Greens and Labor voted and spoke against it. See https://arag.org.au/2012/03/14/irene-doutney-on-the-lep)

6. General Business

Concerns were raised about the impact on residents of traffic associated with the new Bunnings development on Euston Road, (opposite Victoria’s Basement). The new Bunnings will be 20,000m2 (two and a half times the size of the Bunning’s at Gardeners Road). It was suggested that road closures might be needed to control traffic, also suggested that if road closures are mishandled they could make the situation worse, not better.

Meeting closed at 8:20pm. Next meeting, 11.4.2012.

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