Heffron Candidates’ Forum – Wednesday 11th of March

Please join us for a 7pm start (doors open from 6:45) on Wednesday 11th of March, at Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St, to hear from:

  • Ron Hoenig – Member for Heffron (Labor)
  • John Koutsoukis – Liberal Candidate &
  • Osman Faruqi – Greens Candidate
Heffron Meet the Candidates, 11 March, 7pm, at Alexandria Town Hall

Heffron Meet the Candidates, 11 March, 7pm, at Alexandria Town Hall

As decided at the February meeting of ARAG, and in consultation with Friends of Erskinevile and REDWatch, candidates have been asked to speak about:

  • WestConnex
  • The sale of the Australian Technology Park
  • Planning and Infrastructure

There will be an opportunity for questions from the floor.

The full text of the questions ARAG has candidates to answer, and background information ARAG has provided to candidates, is as follows.


Context – ARAG and FOE members have real concerns about WestConnex given the lack of transparency, accountability, environmental impact studies, poor community engagement & focus on roads rather than integrated public transport.

“What is your party‘s position in relation to WestConnex & where does Pubic Transport fit in your party’s policies as it affects the seat of Heffron? ”

Sale of the Australian Technology Park

Context – the ATP sits on the edge of Heffron, but what happens there impacts upon the surrounding area. ATP was founded as a centre for technology and innovation on a valuable heritage site – building on our industrial past, but looking to foster the creation of jobs for the future.
In December 2014, the State Government announced the sale of ATP. The proposed sale means that ATP is likely to be sold to private developers who may not place the appropriate emphasis on technology, innovation and heritage protection.

“Do you support the sale of the Australian Technology Park? How will you guarantee the protection of its unique heritage, preservation of the existing open space and maintain the vision of fostering innovation and technology? ”

Planning and Infrastructure

Context – The seat of Heffron is feeling extensive pressure from Urban Consolidation with the immediate impact of an increase of 50,000 people from Green Square & the Ashmore Estate alone.
The current State Government promised open consultation, but failed to pass the legislation due in large part to growing resident concerns and the actions of a coalition of over 470 resident groups represented as the Better Planning Network. The resident groups all felt that foundational principles and protections that are the signature of good planning legislation had been excluded and that the legislation if passed would lead to appalling & unacceptable outcomes.

“What principles do you think are essential to the planning process and will you sign the ‘Community Charter for Better Planning’?”

Edit: John Koutsoukis has had to withdraw owing to work commitments.

5 thoughts on “Heffron Candidates’ Forum – Wednesday 11th of March

  1. We’ve already told the candidates that they have 10 minutes to speak at the start, on the 3 questions and (if they feel they have covered those questions) whatever else they want. So nearly but not quite half the time will be for questions from the floor (if they all show up – rumour is that a lot of Liberal candidates have been no-shows, but hopefully John isn’t from that mould.)

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