CSG – the NSW Chief Scientist’s report

For those with an interest in Coal Seam Gas, Stop CSG Sydney will be looking at the NSW Chief Scientist’s report into CSG, and what it means for their campaign:

Sunday November 30, 3-5 pm
Seaview Community Hall, Seaview Street, Dulwich Hill.

The NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer released her much anticipated report in October. The Coal Seam Gas industry says it give it a ‘green light’ for increased CSG production. Activists point to the report’s warning of ‘unintended consequences’.

Dr Stuart Khan, from the University of New South Wales, who contributed to the report’s findings on the management and risks associated with produced water from CSG mining, will be the forum’s guest speaker.
Dr Khan, who was also an expert reviewer of the final report, will present his perspective and its implications for the CSG industry and affected communities.

For more information, contact Elle on 0414 540 591

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