Better Planning Network (BPN) Questionnaire

On the reverse side of this month’s ARAG Meeting flier is a questionnaire on behalf of the Better Planning Network.

Established in August 2012, the Better Planning Network Inc. (the BPN) is an affiliation of more than 420 community groups across NSW working together to achieve a NSW planning system that is driven by Ecologically Sustainable Development principles; has community wellbeing at its heart; respects the right of communities to shape local planning and development decisions; protects our environment and heritage; and minimises the risks of corruption associated with planning and development decisions.  The BPN is a volunteer-based, incorporated organisation and is not affiliated with any political party. (This paragraph is from the BPN.)

ARAG, along with other community groups, has been asked to distribute the BPN questionnaire throughout our communities to assist with the fight against the proposed NSW Planning Legislation.

ARAG does not push a view or opinion on the issues that arise – be it in relation to development applications, parking, etc. We aim to provide information and access to information and views through this blog, and through invited speakers at our monthly meetings, so that you, the resident, can make an informed decision that best represents your views and your desired outcomes.

The BPN questionnaire contains a number of questions in relation to the performance of local (state) members of parliament in relation to the proposed NSW Planning legislation, and whether their support or otherwise of this legislation would affect your vote.

As you can see, the questionnaire specifically mentions our state electoral seat of Heffron, and the name of the local member.

This is not a request or solicitation of your voting intentions by ARAG.

It is a request by BPN that will assist them in targeting government members of parliament and members of minor parties in their effort to achieve a better planning outcome for NSW.

ARAG apologises if this questionnaire has caused offence or confusion.

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