Alexandria Summer Fair – can you help?

Alexandria Summer Fair is going to be great.

But we need help in letting people know about it. We’ve got flyers for letterboxing, we need volunteers. If you live in an apartment block you can help us by doing your apartment block, or perhaps you can do a block or three around where you live. Please email

2 thoughts on “Alexandria Summer Fair – can you help?

  1. Got the flyer which looks fantastic, but it does not actually say where Alexandria Park is, when I google I only get Alexandria Park School, I am to assume that the fair is held in the school grounds? would love to attend

    • Hi Nikki,
      Alexandria Park is near Alexandria Park School Junior Campus. It’s between Buckland Street and Power Avenue, Park Road and Wyndham St.

      (Having said that, depending on how wet Sunday is, we might retreat to the school, at least in part.)

      Regards, Ben

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