Parking FAQ

The following is a unofficial collection of some frequently asked question.

For the official story, visit Resident & Business Parking Permits and
Resident Parking Permit FAQs.

What will council do for residents to help with parking problems?

The only solution on offer in Alexandria is Residents Parking.

What does Resident Parking mean?

It means that in streets that ‘vote’ for Resident Parking,  non-residents will be limited in how long they can park – most likely to two hours.

How many Resident Parking permits can I get?

If you have 1 car, 1 permit per household.  If you have 2 or more cars, 2 permits.

BUT, if you have off-street parking,  that reduces your right to resident parking. For example, if you have one car park and one car, you are not entitled to a permit. If you have one car park and two+ cars, you are only entitled to one permit.

Also, residents of multi-unit developments approved after 8 May 1996 are not eligible for resident parking.

What about Visitor Parking?

Council offers Visitor Parking in some suburbs, but not in Alexandria.

And no, this isn’t fair or reasonable.

Why don’t builders put enough parking spaces into new buildings?

Because council won’t let them. The idea is that if you don’t let people have a parking space, they’ll decide that they don’t need cars. So far, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence to support this theory, but why let that get in the way.

What if I get rid of my ‘on site’ parking space?

Then you are entitled to a resident parking permit.  But you have to officially make it unusable, for eg, pay Council to remove your driveway and brick up the entrance.

Who determines which streets get Resident Parking?

Council will make a recommendation to each street that it thinks would benefit from Resident Parking. It’s then up to the individual residents of that street to let Council know what they want – Council will generally go with the majority opinion. Be warned that if the street next to you gets Resident Parking, and your street doesn’t, you will see a sudden spike in non-resident parking in your street.

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